The Vampire Diaries: Resident Evil


Elena and Stefan are having visions about each other in some alternate paradise where they are married, have children,  and are happy. This is happening because they are the last remaining doppelgangers. The Universe, the mystery guy who came out of Bonnie, is sort of like the main traveler, kind of, so he and Damon have a talk which results in him and all his passengers chanting something to get rid of their visions. Enzo and Caroline have their moments. That witch girl and her brother need Jeremy, Matt and Tyler to help them, which they do. Caroline’s Mum has been turned into a traveler, so Tyler had to stab her with a traveler knife and take her home. However, after he stabbed her, a traveler came behind him and took over his body taking the traveler knife with hi. He then took this traveler knife to the Universe dude who destroyed it so he can continue making as many travelers as he wants.  Bonnie isn’t happy that Jeremy isn’t being honest with her and is helping that other witch instead of acting like a dutiful boyfriend. Meanwhile, Matt gets stabbed by Caroline’s Mum I think, when she’s still in her traveler state, and moves to the other side where he meets Kol and Vicky. But there’s something wrong with the other side and when he comes back he tells Bonnie.  Elena wants to just be friends with Damon, but he’s too in love with her to make that commitment and therefore tells her to get out of his life.


In other news, another band of the day (this isn’t going to become regular, yesterday I just stumbled upon that I See Stars band, I felt sorry for the main dude and his brother- also in the band, because I think their Mum died, I don’t know, a video was dedicated to her…and he’s quiet good looking – Devin Oliver. I’ve just done you a favour by telling you his name, now put it to good use.)

NIRVANA. As you all probably know, well, should know, the main guy from Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, is, well, has passed on. It’s a shame, their songs were pretty great and the music videos were decent unlike today’s trash.  He committed suicide for a number of reasons; some say for his parent’s divorce when he was younger, some say drugs, some say fame, some say some disease he had. Either way, his daughter and wife still live today- yes he has a daughter though she was only young at the time of her Father’s passing. It’s a sad story.

If you’re wondering how I found yesterday’s band- I was watching some 5SOS stuff, and if you’re wondering why I randomly started talking about Nirvana, it’s because I was watching Teens React and one of their videos is this:

Yeah, Luke’s kind of in love with them…


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