Reign: Toy Soldiers


Mary and Francis aren’t very happy in their relationship at the moment. They love each other but they also love their countries, and that’s whats ruining them.  Penelope pretends she’s pregnant with the King’s child but the King doesn’t want to know. The Queen alter finds out she was just lying, but then feels sorry for her after she locks her in the dungeons. Thereafter, she sends her off to Italy to train into becoming one of her ladies, and maybe one of her best. Penelope is pleased with this position, although she isn’t happy that she can no longer enter the castle and has lost her job there. The King is meanwhile planning to conquer Calais

Sorry, just discovered that. I’ve been trying to do that for ages…



So, the King actually goes ahead to do that as he believes God has told him, yeah, his madness is getting onto a whole new level. Francis agrees that he’ll go with him, both the Queen and Mary think they’re insane. Mary is disappointed in him, but leaves him on one last note- to stay alive. Kenna and Bash are getting very used to be being a married couple, away from distractions. Greer’s Father and sisters visit her, I feel sorry for them, their Father is horrible. Luckily, her pepper husband saves them, gives them some freedom, etc. Greer actually finds that she loves him now…and I think that’s it…




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