Reign: No Exit


(In order of appearance- just gonna tell full story, don’t have much time for a clearly detailed recap like yesterday). Bash and Kenna are finally falling in love with each other. They actually kissed in this episode.  The King has turned away from Penelope and his sight is set back on Kenna much to Bash’s and Kenna’s disgust. Penelope has been taken away from the castle as they all, even the King, blame her for his madness.  King Henry is then left alone with his guilt and sins.  Lola and Julian have their wedding where they’re both very happy (listen out for Lorde’s Royals playing in a classical cover), however there is something from his past that makes their relationship not entirely trusting. There is something wrong about him, I have to say, but that just adds on to the allure.  Mary and Francis are both in a midst of a terrible angst ridden conflict; he wants to deal with matters for France whilst she wants to do the same for Scotland. In the end Francis resorts to locking her in the tower where her fiery temper shows.  Nostradamus and Olibia wish to leave the castle but under the Queen’s orders, only Olivia ends up leaving.

I think that’s about it.



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