Reign: Liege Lord


It is now 21:35 here in the UK. I was meant to have finished this episode of Reign, and the recap, and then on to the next one. But have you heard of that band 5 Seconds Of Summer? Yeah, they’ve kinda taken over my life. I hadn’t finished that livestream from yesterday so I just finished it now. Serious before. Crying after. Yes they make me cry…

Of laughter.

They are really funny, and Luke does mention that in the livestream. But then he also says they’re a serious band…obviously not.


Okay, now none of the links are working. Tumblr is my only distraction…


18 minutes later…finally started it…


Omg, I loved this episode, but mainly because of two things, well, couples: Francis and Mary, and, Julian and Lola. Remember Julian, that really nice guy I told you about? Yeah him.

Anyway, recap, I’ll tell you more about him later.

Kenna is upset that Bash will never love her as much as he does Mary, and she hates the fact that her marriage is based on nothing, she longs for a knight in shining armour, so later on, Bash proves that he’ll always be there for her because she’s his wife, this cheers her up and stops her complaining.  Mary and Francis are still receiving countless gifts from around the world at the news of their marriage yet there isn’t really anytime to be happy at French court whilst the King is growing evermore sick. Lola is upset that Julian doesn’t seem to be in a hurry in getting married and having a child, but Greer tells her that all he needs is a push. Thereafter Lola asks him for a dance where they talk, she expresses how she feels about him not proposing, but then he tells her why. You see, since he’s absolutely charming, he’s had two wives before, however when they were giving birth, they died along with the child. Clearly, he truly loves Lola and doesn’t want the same happening to her and therefore says that he doesn’t want children. Lola is a little taken aback by this, but then he goes on to say how he loves her,and ends up proposing to her right there in front of everyone. Obviously, she couldn’t refuse him there, and she did love him, so she stammered a yes. Everyone was extremely happy for her, but she was in a huge predicament now.  One of Katherine’s ladies tells Mary that the Katherine wanted her to seduce the King but she was scared because of the condition he’s in,  but Katherine doesn’t too well with refusals, so she asks Mary for help. Mary agrees to send her safely away, but for something in return. The lady tells her that the whole marriage contract is a lie.  If Mary does not conceive an heir then she will die and Scotland will come under the rule of France. Mary is greatly angered by this and immediately tells Francis, together they hatch a plan in order to fix this. But first Mary sends Kenna to the King’s chambers to find the contract. She does except the King finds her there and wants something more. Francis and Mary then decide, after successfully retrieving the contract from Kenna, to hold a party for her fellow Scots. Here, the Queen finds a Scottish love interest, I know right, wow. Meanwhile, Mary and Francis hold a private meeting with Lord McKenzie (a renowned Scotsman) and some of his men. First Mary tests him to see if he has enough love for his country, he does, so she tells him everything about the contract and tells him to stir up trouble in Scotland. Francis is absolutely in awe of Mary in this scene, actually throughout the whole episode, a real husband and wife in here. He agrees with pride, but the Queen finds out from her Scottish admirer about this meeting and immediately fits together what it must’ve been about. The Scotsmen don’t leave France immediately after the party like they were supposed to, so the Queen orders her men to kill all of them.  No one knows as of yet. Now back to Lola and Julian, well, now she’s agreed to marriage, she can’t help it and tells Julian that she’s pregnant, she gives him limited information about it, but much to her surprise, he just hugs her and comforts her, and tells her he loves her, and says he’ll have to get the marriage arranged immediately. What an amazing guy right? They’re happy. I’m happy. Anyway, Mary finds out about what Katherine has done, and gives her a slap. Oooh, it was a good one too. Her and Francis then force the Queen to burn the real contract in front of them which she does, and Mary goes on to say that she’s sent three riders to go around France giving the news that the King is mad. The Queen is scared, and Francis seems quiet uneasy too, although he’s sure she’s bluffing…but is she? No.

That was a long one…won’t be able to do another one now…


Oh, whilst writing this I watched the 5 Seconds Of Summer ‘Wherever You Are’ video and realised it was for us, the 5SOS family. xoxo

And this made my heart ache…


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