(I don’t know what to call this, oh wait, I do.) RADIO

Last night I went to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2

and, wow, was it amazing.

I’m not even joking, it was soooo good.

But so bloody tragic. I’m not going to say anything just in case any of you haven’t yet seen it. I’m nice like that.

Just make sure you’re ready to expect the worse. Don’t walk into the screening all chipper like me.

I’m being genuinely honest here- don’t.

Let’s just say, I can but can’t wait for the next film.

Right, I’m gonna stop now, because if I carry on, I’m most likely to blurt out everything.


I’ve watched so many films but not done any reviews on them… ):

I half think that I’ve forgotten everything about them now…I’ll try my best to put The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Frozen, and Divergent, ones on tomorrow though as, for the first time in the holidays I’ll be at home. THE. WHOLE. DAY.

Sounds like bliss.

So yeah, I’ll do that…probably more posts as well, and a major update on my story, and more watching TV, and more, more, more revision…

School still manages to ruin everything without us even having to be there.

Today, I went Blackpool, just on the pier though- not Pleasure Beach- the actual theme park, although we will go there in the summer. So yeah, I actually really enjoyed it even though I pretty adamant that I didn’t want to go. 5 Seconds Of Summer have been Blackpool if you didn’t know, their ‘Try Hard’ video is filmed there when they got the rides all for themselves. Speaking of them, this is what I really wanted to tell you guys, I was eating fish and chips inside some cafe place, and they had the radio on, so I think Katy Perry or someone was coming on, but then, just as I was about to put another chip into my mouth, I heard ‘…standing there, in my American Apparel underwear…’

I just froze.

Like I gasped and then just sat there looking at the sea through the window with my mouth wide open, but I wasn’t aware of my surroundings, all I saw was the video playing in my head. My cousin asked me if it was The Vamps, obviously I said no, no offence, but they’re just better than The Vamps (this maybe the first time I’ve favoured someone else over someone British.)

Well, that was the highlight of my day as stupid as it sounds, but if you’re part of the 5SOS family like me, or any other fandom, etc…


Okay, now bye X

P.S. Attempted to wake up at 9:00am ———–> EPIC FAIL.

OOOh. I reached just over 12,000 views. Thanks!!!!


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