Arrow: Three Ghosts


Barry saves Oliver’s life with rat poison. When Oliver finally regains consciousness, he attempts to kill Barry, and is unhappy that Felicity told Barry that he’s Arrow. Barry, on the other hand, is absolutely ecstatic at finding out, and all his previous deductions turned out to be correct much to his happiness.  In this episode, Barry is kind of like another addition to their team- until he actually leaves. 😦 Meanwhile, it’s Christmas at the Queen household. Thea has locked herself in her room, but only because, Roy and Sin were also there, after Roy had been shot with an Arrow in his leg (yeah, thanks Oliver– stop laughing (he was laughing in this part, well, hiding his laughter)). He takes the arrow out of Roy’s leg. Due to the rat poison, Oliver is having hallucinations- I think it’s only in this episode, hence the name ‘Three Ghosts’. One of them is Shadow (Island Girl) who keeps persuading him to die and join her, or give up his vigilante stuff, another one is the Aussie dude (man, really thought he was British- still my love for Aussies has grown since 5SOS), also from the Island, who is extremely angry at Oliver and tries to kill him ( I know, weird right? He’s only a hallucination- or so you think.) And the last ghost is Tommy who encourages Oliver to keep doing what he’s doing and that he’s a hero. However one of these three aren’t actually a hallucination- but which one?  Diggle goes to investigate, Oliver being his back-up as he’s suffering from hallucinations so can’t be trusted to fight.  However, Cyrus is already there and Diggle gets injured. Mr. Lance is working on a case when he gets injured by super-strong ‘Brother Cyrus.’ Laurel is with Alderman when she finds out, I don’t how she suddenly got all romantic with the creepy ‘scarecrow’ masked wannabe. But, yeah. Lance manages to get a key off Cyrus.  We find out how Shadow dies on the island- Oliver had to choose between her and Sarah– he chose Sarah. Aussie dude had long ‘died’ by then. Roy, Thea and Sin are getting ever closer to finding out that Alderman is the one behind Max’s death, with the help of Laurel.  Barry is curious whether Felicity loves Oliver due to the way she cares for him, I sense a little jealousy Barry. 😉 She tells him no, you can tell he’s pleased. Roy steals a file from somewhere but then gets abducted by Cyrus, he is the injected with that strong stuff y Alderman. Arrow crashes into the scene but it’s too late, he manages to kill Cyrus but Roy has become a super strength dude now. He isn’t bad though, well, I don’t think so, he clearly shows he loves Thea after the incident, and he seems more nicer than I’ve ever seen him. Turns out Alderman has a boss, and guess who it is. The Aussie Dude. Oh, man, it was meant to sound more awesome. Oh well, so, yeah, he wants to take away everyone from Oliver and let him feel pain. I never liked him- just his accent. Turns out that when everyone thought he was dead on the island after being injected with something, it was just that strength thing. So he came back to earth, after quite a while though, just like Roy. Barry is back where he needs to be, and is watching the news. However it turns out that he missed that new launch thing anyway so he really didn’t have to rush getting back home. But the news does say that something went wrong with that reactor thing and it can’t be turned off. Then all the power goes off, and it’s already raining but now lightning has struck to. I don’t know why but Barry opens this roof thing a little, and lightning hits him, a little red bolt sizzles on his face and then he just lies there. Welcome to the spin off.

Two episodes. Is that it?! I can’t wait for The Flash. Oooh, wait, whilst he’s entering his lab, he’s on the phone to Felicity and tells her he’d love to take her out on a date. Aww ❤

P.S. Barry gets a mask made for Oliver. X


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