Arrow: State v. Queen

Happy Birthday Robert Downey Jr.!!!!!


Wooh. Shocker ending! 😮

After the Glades was blown up, so did the Iron Heights Prison, letting out criminals, well, one criminal- The Count (messed up Vertigo dude) and after he got out of his cell, he got the keys off one of the police’s corpses and let out The Doll Maker. Moira’s trial is going on and Oliver dismisses Diggle because he isn’t looking so good. We then find out that this is actually because The Count has been putting his Vertigo into the whole cities blah blah system.  Diggle and Adam (Prosecuting Lawyer) were only two of the people affected by the Vertigo. The Count takes Adam, and does a live broadcast showing him give Adam a drug that makes his pain go away. Felicity manages to track down where The Count is, so Arrow goes and kills a majority of his men, saves Adam, but doesn’t have the power to kill The Count. Meanwhile, Roy understands that Thea is angry with the progress being made on her Mother’s case, and therefore gives her boxing gloves to punch him with. I know, what the hell is he thinking? Still, she punches him, harder each time, then collapses into his arms. Aww. Anyway, since Adam is slightly shaken due to the event, Laurel becomes the head prosecuting lawyer for Moira’s case. She does a good job at going against Moira– almost as though she wanted to.  The Count takes felicity as his next victim, immediately Oliver goes to save her, and The Count knows his double identity so he doesn’t bother putting the hood on. In fact, when Oliver finally gets there, The Count gets him so angry, that just as he’s about to inject Felicity with the Vertigo, he shoots not one, but three arrows into his chest, the impact of the force sending The Count flying backwards through the window and landing on a taxi. It’s all over the news after that. He then hurries back to the court where his mother is claimed as being not guilty. None of them can hide their shock yet are still immensely happy. When Moira is sent home, she gets taken somewhere else, her driver is killed, and then Merlin is in front of her. We all thought he was dead but here he is. He told her that he’s the one that persuaded the court to label her not guilty. And he also mentions that Thea is his and Moira’s daughter.


Oh, Alderman is still doing his ‘Brother’ thing. You know that, ‘How do you feel Brother Cyrus?’ ‘Stronger.’


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