Arrow: Crucible


Arrow is still busy fighting criminals, Laurel is slipping away- over drinking and taking pills she doesn’t need, a new threat who goes by the name of  The Mayor, is in charge of the guns within the city, so when the city decides to give in all their guns for cash, he turns up and starts a mass shooting where ‘Sin’ gets shot much to Roy’s horror, he immediately gets her to hospital, Thea praising him for being a hero. Alderman and Oliver are now under good terms after Oliver saved his life at the shooting, we find out that this mysterious blonde vigilante is actually Laurel’s sister, Sarah, who went missing with Oliver on the island for five years, she isn’t following Oliver though like they all thought, but Laurel. She is too afraid to tell anyone she’s alive as of yet, only Oliver knows. Together they take on The Mayor, they’re successful however instead of being taken to prison, he’s taken to a strange place where he’s injected with something that kills him (I think), and the person who ordered this was no other than another masked man, who, when taking it off, turned out to be Alderman, or ‘brother blood.’


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