Arrow: Identity


Arrow manages to capture another criminal, yet Oliver is being strongly discriminated within his city, lots of groups from the Glades are unhappy with him, and want him dead as they think he’s doing nothing for the city, but little do they know that when they think he’s out being a waste of space, he’s actually out as the ‘vigilante.’  Roy also knocks out a few bad guys at the beginning of the episode yet he’s the one that gets arrested whilst the bad guys are getting away. Laurel decides not to press charges, Thea is upset with him and tells him that he can either go out being a hero or stay with her and forget about all that. She gives him a rock which represents reconnecting given to her by Oliver from the Island, and tells him to keep it until he makes his decision. Roy is stunned at how upset she is, no one seems to understand that he’s helping the city. On top of that, Oliver also tells him to give up.  Whilst Roy finishes up at work, he bumps into Arrow who allows Roy to help him, much to Roy’s pleasure, even if it isn’t physical fighting. Roy goes back to Thea and says he chooses her over the hero stuff, well,  I guess he isn’t fully lying…Arrow decides to visit Laurel again, regardless of her consistent refusals, Arrow underestimates her this time though as he finds himself surrounded by police.


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