The Vampire Diaries: Rescue Me


DELENA. Okay, so there were a lot more Delena moments in this episode however from now on, I think it’s safe to say that they’ve officially broken up. Much to my disappointment of course, but something tells me, this truly isn’t the end. Also, as I predicted, Enzo and Caroline had their moments, reminded me of Klaus and her, I just love Enzo even more after this episode. And Damon– if that’s possible. Those two are just- ugh. THE. BEST.  Erm , now where were we…oh yeah, so Enzo and Caroline learn that ‘Tom Avery’, Stefan’s last doppelganger, has been missing for four months, after agreeing to go on a date with someone called Hazel. After that, everything is blank. Caroline and Enzo visit Hazel’s house, find out that she’s a witch, and kills her- well, Enzo does. This ruins Liv’s (new-emo-witch-girl) and her brother, Luke’s, plan, therefore causing Liv to go and kill Elena.  Caroline and Enzo then find Tom Avery in the basement, revive him, feed him, Caroline compels him to leave town and live a happy life, however, this moment is short-lived, as Enzo subsequently kills Tom. Aaah well. At least Stefan is saved right? Jeremy has been communicating with Liv much to, well, everyone’s disappointment, until now, everyone thought she was still a newbie at magic. She convinces her brother to go along with Jeremy’s plan, which is to help the witches defeat the travellers, but not to kill Elena. For some reason everyone wants her- again. Stefan and Caroline later find out that the travellers have been using Stefan’s and Elena’s blood to drink, after they drank, they all burst into flames, died, still chanting some mantra, went into Bonnie, and then a new bulky Spanish looking dude came out of her. Trust me, weird is the understatement of the millennium. Okay, that was way too over-exaggerated.  Now Damon and Elena…hmmm. Well, obviously, they’re both very confused right now. Elena gets out of bed (with Damon) only to go to Jeremy’s Parents Evening, whom the guardian happens to be, not her but, Damon. Obviously, the two aren’t on very good terms right now, they were meant to have broken up, but still, there they were, bickering like an old married couple over Jeremy– seriously, they were playing Mummy and Daddy. Then next minute you know, Damon makes it very clear that he’d rather be kissing Elena than anything else, which gets her very flustered, in fact, in the middle of a speech, she zones out and begins to ‘daydream.’ Damon snaps her out of it, she can’t take being so close to him, leaves for some air, gets cornered by Liv, who gets cornered by Damon, who tries to kill her, who gets stopped by Jeremy, who thereafter leaves the Salvatore house, which Elena also prepares to leave from, which leaves Damon. All alone. In a big house. I feel sorry for him. But not before Elena tells him to let her go and, I was surprised too, he did. With one gentle kiss on the forehead and something like “travel safely” or whatever.

Has anyone else noticed that my recaps are getting longer. Don’t get too happy though…


P.S. Thanks for 11,000 views- well, over. It’s been a good two years- well, almost.



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