The Vampire Diaries: While You Were Sleeping

This episode was pretty good. I think.



Elena’s back, yet she’s having a series of hallucinations which we later find out is caused by a further step in Wes’ investigation- Katherine used Nadia’s poisoned werewolf venom blood on Elena so her ‘ripper’ nature is worse than Damon’s as she also gets hallucinations, and coughing up blood, etc. Elena is furious at how no one seemed to realise it wasn’t her but Katherine– she was especially furious at Damon. Enzo made a deal with the travellers granting him the antidotes which he later gave to Damon and Elena. Caroline and Stefan are on the hunt for another doppelganger for the travellers, a reason I’ve forgotten (sorry), they find him after a lot of rummaging in Stefan’s head,  Enzo and Caroline go off to find him and kill him. Now, I don’t know about you, I love Klaroline, but I’m looking forward to Enzo and Caroline, Enzo’s already acting, well, like Klaus kinda, he knows she has a thing for accents, and even though she doesn’t trust him, I think she kinda likes him. Who knows? Since Klaus isn’t gonna return, Enzo and Caroline ,might be the new thing. Well, whatever, I LOVE ENZO. Elena is losing her mind, Bonnie and the new-emo-witch come to her rescue, yet she ends up stabbing the witch, but then heals her, as long as Elena was allowed to leave the college (did I mention that they kept her locked up in there?), but after that we find out a shocking revelation. The new-emo-witch doesn’t need Bonnie’s help with magic after all- she can do it by herself. Her brother, Luke, whom we met earlier in this episode is on their plan of, I don’t know what. Something about putting “Elena’s friends in jeopardy”. And it ends with Damon telling Elena that he killed Aaron, Elena getting upset but not as upset as you’d think since she saw it as a relief- all this time she thought it was her. And then, once they’re both cured, Elena confesses her love for him, he’s astonished, but then kisses her, which leads to a make-out session. The End.



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