Yes, I watch Arrow.

P.S. I remember when the dude that plays Oliver used to be a little known werewolf in TVD: Jules’ boyfriend- Brody was it? No idea.

And, I kinda enjoyed it- before I knew Colton Haynes was in it, but then when he joined it…

I think I’m just gonna add him to my actors list- I mean, have you SEEN him?!

But then the story got a little repetitive, and I got bored and tired, still I stuck around till season 1 ended.

To my approval, Colton Haynes was going to be staying on for the second season, and as a more recurring character, as well. This was good news- but…

It wasn’t enough to convince me to continue watching Arrow.

I kept thinking about it- should I watch it, should I not?

And then more shows popped out, so for the time being ‘not watch’ was the way to go.

After I’d caught up with Teen Wolf, and Jackson had left (to star as Roy in Arrow), I had second-thoughts again.

With all my willpower, I pushed them aside and continued watching other shows and finding new hobbies.

My attachment to arrow had gone…

…Until, I followed Colton Haynes on Instagram, and he kept popping up everywhere, and when Arrow became popular and kept popping up everywhere.

One of his Instagram posts…and this is why I love him.

So, with the final push from my friends, achieving a ‘the first person to like Colton Haynes picture’ award, and reading this really awesome book on wattpad that i started yesterday and will finish within a few minutes, ‘Run Bad Boy Run’ (Colton’s on the cover), I decided to continue watching Arrow as of today.

From Season 2.

I will be adding it to my TV list and with each episode I watch, even though the airing date is long gone, I will post a recap of it on here- much like I do with the other shows.

So as you can see, the predominant factor behind my decision to continue watching Arrow, is mainly due to my undying love for the charming, goofy, and ridiculously humorous, Colton Haynes.

But I promise you- it is a good show.

There you have it.

Still hate Maths by the way. My immortal enemy…

P.S. Colton Haynes also reminds me of (in terms of appearance), Chris Evans (Johnny: Fantastic Four and Captain America), and Adam Pitts (Drummer: Lawson.)

I love them all.





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