The Vampire Diaries: No Exit

And it’s been a long time coming…episode 14 of TVD is finally here, whoop, whoop!


I hated this episode. I mean, okay, you see the loyalty of the friendship between Damon and Enzo, which I love, and Damon isn’t even bad, yeah, he’s feeding on people, but duh, that’s what vampires do…huh, Stefan lovers are weird, at least Damon lives up to his nature. Stefan still thinks he’s a human. Well, newsflash-you’re not. Sorry, but this recap is going to be a bit of a rant. Katherine is just the scum of the earth- I hate her, and Stefan for actually thinking Elena would love him. Does Katherine not get it into her thick brain that Stefan is only acting nice to her cos he thinks she’s Elena. After all of them find out what’s happened…it’s gonna be epic. I knew I chose the right brother. Anywho, Damon is now feeding on vampires which puts Enzo in a predicament yet he still has faith in his friend, Matt continues to get compelled by Nadia, the relationship between Caroline and Tyler is still tense, and- this is probably the highlight of the episode- Stefan and Caroline finally put their heads together and work out that maybe Elena isn’t Elena after all…but Katherine. You know what I say to that? IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!



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