Star-Crossed: These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

Phew…finally, my speaking exam is out of the way. Now, I can relax. I’ve been really stressed the past few days, but now it’s all good- for now. Have a French speaking exam next week…so yeah.

One thing I’d like to mention before I get to this week’s episode of Star-Crossed, is the fact that I’ve received 112 reads on my story ‘Lost’ on wattpad. Of course, after one week, that isn’t very good at all, but, there’s only three chapters so…and it’s not a cliched love story…I deserve extra points. Check it out now! 


Also. Yesterday in P.E. we were playing Rounders and since it’s a game that consists of batting and fielding, me and my friends were singing ‘I don’t dance’ from HSM 2 throughout the whole lesson…which kinda led to the rest of the HSM songs through the rest of the day.

Now for Star-Crossed:

Okay. So this show just never stops with the surprises, I mean, they put a ten episodes worth of surprises in two. Anyway, this week’s episode was amazing, as always. So, tensions lie between Emery and Roman (which reminds me of another wattpad book i’m hooked on ‘All I’ve Never Wanted.’ The dude is called Roman), the hate for Atrians is growing amongst humans but also vice versa, a homecoming carnival, and keep an eye open for many traitors…



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