High School Musical 3: Senior Year

“Tomorrow can wait for some other day to be but right now there’s you and me.”

So. I did watch High School Musical 3 last night…but I also had a HSM movie marathon with my friends today, and guess who else did? Sophie Nelisse…she plays Liesel in The Book Thief!!!! HELLO, ARE YOU NOT HEARING ME?! THIS IS MAJOR!!!!! She had a HSM movie marathon with her best friend yesterday, and I had one with my best friends today. C’mon, that’s frickin’ AWE-SOME! How can you not find that awesome?! You’ve gotta be outta ya mind to not find that awesome…


http://instagram.com/p/ku_sJkLhdp/  <——————— US.

Anyway. HSM 3:

So, in this one, it’s all about their future’s. You get Sharpay, Ryan and Kelsie, who are set on having a career in the performing arts industry, Taylor who wants to go to the political side of education, Chad who’s gonna keep his ‘head in the game’ and continue with basketball, and then you get Troy and Gabriella. Torn between their love for two different things, besides their love for each other. Will they choose their own paths, or find away to stick together even after High School?

Watch to find out, oh, and the songs are much much better (look out for Scream, Can I Have This Dance? and A Night To Remember).

“Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.”


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