Real Bad Boy: Alex Pettyfer

I’ve just been reading up on Alex Pettyfer to see if I can find any recent news, but something else caught my eye.

Other than being rumoured to be flirting with Demi Moore

And with Chelsea Handler

…the star has been described as ‘cocky’ and ‘bad-tempered’. He prefers to be isolated, has an attitude, very diva-ish and greedy…the list could go on. Apparently he even threatened his ex-girlfriend, Dianna Agron, was supposedly ‘mean’ to Vanessa Hudgens whilst filming Beastly, and had a huge row over something petty with Channing Tatum.

Seems nice enough. They both look happy…you’re telling me all this is a facade? Aaah, well…

I knew he was meant to be a little big-headed, but a little turned out to be a lot, hell of a lot. Maybe all these are simply rumours, but I’m not sure…I was just watching a few interviews of his with Vanessa, and she did seem to be doing all the talking, he was really dull. First I thought it was just nerves, but now I think he was being very moody and stroppy- immature.

But I don’t know, I mean, he seems okay in this interview, uggh! So frustrating! I hope tomorrow an article is published saying all of this is fake and he’s actually just a really nice guy…

He may have a pretty face, but that’s it, I’m not going any further, not after I’ve just read all this…

P.S. Here’s the alternate ending for Beastly:

Still can’t believe he could be such a jerk.

All the rumours are probably fake…I mean c’mon, I’m not being biased cos he’s British or good looking, or whatever, it’s just, the way he is in these interviews and pictures…he didn’t have the ‘problem’ he had with Dianna, with Emma Roberts now, did he? They were a happy couple- but she’s engaged so, moving on.


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