Here in the UK, it’s half term, I haven’t had any new books to read, I finish all my work far too early, and I just so happened to have a free lesson in school a couple of days ago where I accidentally found myself caught up in a conversation about books…wattpad books.

Yes, yes, yes, now you all know what I’m gonna say. So obviously having nothing better to talk about, I joined in with the conversation and ended up with about twenty wattpad books to read- all different from my reading style…you know how I like books where love isn’t the main genre…yeah, well, in these books love is the ONLY genre- unfortunately.

The first one I decided to read was ‘I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls. Pitiful I know…’ (more like ‘Long I Know…). Well, anyway, it was the most recommended story on my list, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I was not expecting it to be too ‘lovey-dovey’ since my friend who reads books with ‘almost no love’ said it was super duper.

I began reading on Thursday evening, I had read 5 chapters and wasn’t really fussed about it, didn’t see that AWE-SOME factor. But then all the other nights I was bored, so Friday night again, I continued to read, this time I’d read about 23 chapters. Saturday, I needed to read more so that was like 45 chapters, Sunday, I HAD to read, so that was 65 chapters? Yesterday, I was a little more busy but managed to read 80 chapters, and then today…I’ve read 5 chapters so far, but I only have two left so I decided to stop and write this.

BUT WHY HAVE I STOPPED? Now, that’s the real question. In all honesty, I have a love-hate relationship with this story. The girl, as always in these sort of stories, is painstakingly-annoying-yet-not-on-the-Bella-Swan-scale, and the guy, well he’s just Alex Pettyfer gorgeous but also ridiculously big headed, like my-head-is-bigger-than-your-hot-air-balloon big. Yet, when I got up to the 23 chapters part, I got used to the girl and her annoying habits, and actually began to like her, and the guy, well, I guess I always secretly liked him although he makes to many inappropriate innuendos, that’s for sure. My point is, you find out more about the characters, which unfortunately doesn’t change this book from being them terribly cliched ones, but still, I finally think I’m able to say that it’s AWE-SOME.

…And I recommend you to read it…if you’re already a wattpad reader because this book is probably similar to all the other ones you like. And if you’re not a wattpad reader like me then…still read it, but take your time, or else you’ll get that feeling that you get once you’ve finished a good book when you’re only halfway through it. Ugggh! I HATE MYSELF…for ever going on wattpad. I mean, this book has got me so hooked, I proceeded to make an account, AND my obsession with High School Musical is fading and that CAN’T happen because I’m having a HSM themed party on the weekend sue to my obsession and I need to get into the spirit of things instead of screaming down my friend’s ear in order to get it into her head that my life is actually ruined now.

You know what, the book isn’t even all that…sorry, about my little rant but I had to get all this out, you know, flush all the bad out leaving only the good in.

That’s that. I’ve decided to write a book on wattpad by the way. I’m hoping to get a lot of reads so that maybe one day it’ll be published. Don’t worry, Romance is only served on the side, the main course is Mystery/Thriller. I hope you’ll all love it- no supernatural things just saying…just some creepy ol’ homo-sapiens…it’s gonna be AWE-SOME.

Yes. I made this cover last night, might give you an insight to what the book is about. My username is at the bottom of the cover if any of you want to read more of my AWE-SOMEness on Wattpad. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. If your curious as to why I keep saying AWE-SOME…READ THE DAMN BOOK. Oh, and fellow readers, I’d just like to share with you one thing that I’ve learnt from this experience: Wattpad is bad for your health and gets you so addicted, it’s like a guilty pleasure, you feel like you’ve procrastinated for days when it’s only been a few hours, but it does give you motivation to write your own book that doesn’t have to have any of that soppy/cheesy stuff in it.

Basically, if you guys are like me- you’ll love my book. If you can relate to everything in this post, you’ll love my book. If you (space to put something else cos I’ve run out of things), you’ll love my book.


Oooh, and I think I should mention…-I’ve only put the prologue up…sorry.



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