High School Musical

” There’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach…”

As you all know, I watched High School Musical last night after ages, and well, it brought back plenty of memories:

I actually found myself singing along to the words of the song as though I’d just learnt them yesterday,  and I even remembered some of the lines!

To be honest, I don’t really think anyone needs a recap on the film. It’s just a guy and a girl who meet at a New Year’s party and a week later, they’re going to the same school, join the drama club together, share their hidden talent of singing, eventually get support from friends and family, he’s still an athlete, she’s still a mathlete, they fall in love- boom, end of story…until the next one which I’ll watch after this post.

And there you have it. Me and my best friend actually learnt all the dances, and all the songs for High School Musical in Primary school, we used to dance in front of everyone- I’d never dream of doing that now. Let me think: I had High School Musical stationary, PJs, books, photos, CDs, DVDs memorabilia…you name it, the list could go on. Even in our leaver’s assembly (when we left primary school), we sanf ‘We’re All In This Together’ as a class, in front of the whole school and our parents, plus the dancing …WOW. I sure loved High School Musical.

I still do 🙂

“Hey, you know what? Someday, someday, you guys might thank me for this…or not.”

P.S. If you still haven’t watched it, which I very much doubt it, go and watch it now! Gosh, you mustn’t be living on earth if you’ve never seen it…



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