Reign: Inquisition

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. I am really squeezing for time here. I don’t why I’m in such a rush, I mean it’s Friday night? Maybe because it’s almost 9:45pm, and I have loads of other things to blog about and my heart still yearns for Zanessa and even though it’s winter today it felt like a summer evening, and I had ice-cream and I laughed a lot with my friends…I don’t know ( that was an extremely complex sentence with a low level of punctuation, shame on me.) But I have this weird, excited, nervous feeling in my tummy for absolutely no reason. Do you think there’s something wrong with me? I think there’s something wrong with me. I’m like typing at 100 taps per second…oh, I feel light and heavy at the same time. Yes, i know that’s a paradox, there’s no need to tell me. Okay I really need to watch this episode of Reign to get this post finished so, bye X

Okay, (bloody hell, I’ve mentioned ‘okay’ too many times in this post), maybe every post that I do on the weekend will have something to do with Zanessa…just saying. I’m officially obsessed again, I mean I’m gonna watch all three High School Musical films on the weekend if I have time, which I probably won’t cos I still haven’t started to watch Reign. Be back in a bit.

Remember when I first watched this, Zac Efron was my first celebrity crush. I feel quite proud of that actually. I had good taste in guys even back then…I think this is where all my celebrity-obsessions first came about…ugggh, I HAVE TO WATCH REIGN, so BYE.

Well, it’s 11:01 pm now and I finally finished Reign, whilst eating ice-cream, and chocolate popcorn, and watching John Tucker Must Die with the family ( Penn Badgley… <3)

Quick recap:

Bash and Mary are trying to protect the baby born from the Pagan, the Queen is desperatley trying to get rid of Bash and Mary, King Henry makes his authority clear, and that’s pretty much it, more or less, oh and we find out the story of ‘Clarissa: Girl in the Shadows.’



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