Tom Hiddleston is the Celeb Of The Year!!!

After all those days of hardcore voting, sleepless nights, aching fingers, and restless minds, us Hiddlestoners can finally be at peace, as our one and only Tom Hiddleston was crowned E-Online’s Celeb Of The Year.

Tom Hiddleston

Well, what a lovely present I’d say, even though we knew it was coming (I mean you can’t vote so many times, face so much hate from the Somerholics, have aches everywhere, and still not have your favourite British actor win on a British site), for us and Tom, just in time for New Year’s.

(Find out more on the website: )

Me and a few fangirls had our little virtual party via Instagram and pictures of Tom just kept rolling in and in fact are still rolling in now!

On a final note, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! I’ll be watching the fireworks at home on the TV (London), they’re always very epic, and you do get to hear the best songs of the year- I guarantee you that ‘The Fox (What does the fox say?) will be on. Cannot wait, however I do feel an empty sadness to see 2013 leave us. It truly has been an eventful year.

P.S. I do hope Tom knows he won X

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