The Time Of The Doctor

Ok.  Now being 14, I’ve only been around to see Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, and now Peter Capaldi, play the role of Doctor Who, and out of all of them David Tennant had always been my favourite, however I must say, I wasn’t entirely oblivious to see Matt Smith go.

You see, I’d actually begun to grow quite fond of Matt Smith, even though once he’d arrived things began to get confusing and I missed countless episodes, I felt this emptiness when his Doctor regenerated into Peter Capaldi’s.

Social networking sites were also flooding with news about today’s Christmas episode, The Time Of The Doctor– hence, his time to die had come.

In this episode we saw all the Doctor’s greatest enemies, Daleks and Cyber Men alike, prepared to kill him, the Turkey that just wouldn’t cook, and our new favourite, Clara Oswald, who got left behind- twice.

Overall, I’d say it was a thoroughly riveting episode, with Matt Smith’s humour never failing to bring a smile on our faces, as I’m sure you’d all agree.

I won’t give much away about the episode, although I will say that it has caused confusion amongst us viewers of how many Doctors there have been. Matt Smith was the 11th, therefore you’d think Peter Capaldi is the 12th, however the episode clearly states that it is now the time for the 13th Doctor. So where has the 12th gone?

Would someone please care to explain this to me, because I haven’t the slightest idea of what all that was about, maybe I’ve interpreted it wrong. Hmmm, excuse me whilst I go and watch it again- later.

Anyway, we have plenty of time to ponder over that. For now let us take some time to appreciate the Doctor, who taught us that Bow Ties are cool, who taught us that fish fingers and custard isn’t as all bad as it sounds, who taught us that we all have to own a Fez. The Doctor who taught us that true joy can be found in the smallest of things ( and that it’s okay to say Geronimo!!! every now and again.)

I just want to say, Matt Smith, that you’ll never be forgotten as taking on the challenge of playing Doctor Who, and that you’ll remain forever in our hearts ( wow, sounds so cheesy.) You brought a new light to the Doctor that no one else could have shown, and your whimsical gestures and twirling, make you quite appealing to watch.

But for now, it’s Goodbye Raggedy Man. Xxx


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