Paul Wesley dating co-star, Phoebe Tonkin

It has been confirmed that The Vampire Diaries star, Paul Wesley, who plays the role of Stefan Salvatore in the show, is dating his co-star Phoebe Tonkin who plays the role of Hayley in the new TVD spin-off show, The Originals.

The two began dating in July, just when Paul’s and Torrey DeVitto’s break-up was announced. Coincidence?

The couple kept a low profile at first but then began showing their PDA (Public Display of Affection) at the Comic-Con event where they were seen cosying up to each other:

US Weekly: 

Paul and Phoebe were 100 percent romantic—they were across the table from Ben all cozied up on the couch kissing each other,” an insider told the magazine. “She had her head on his chest.”

More photos of the two:

And finally one photo of the pair caught kissing. What do you think? Good couple or not?


4 thoughts on “Paul Wesley dating co-star, Phoebe Tonkin

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