First Year Anniversary on Hobbit Day!

I must admit, I’m getting pretty lazy in terms of blogging and publishing posts, and sometimes just can’t be bothered posting. However, I blame my laziness on the fact that I have to go to school.

You see, I posted 100 posts within two months during the summer since we had holidays and I was able to post every single day, so that I didn’t have anything piling up on me for the next days. But now I’m back at school, well, let’s just say I’m having to catch up on a whole week’s worth of news for a variety of different things to do all on the weekend. And on top of that, I have homework and tests to revise for.

Therefore, I’d like to apologise for being such a terrible, and not-so-dedicated blogger, and I would very much appreciate it if all you readers would carry on supporting my website.

Don’t be put off by the fact that I haven’t posted all week -it doesn’t mean I’m never going to be posting again, (well, it might, but I’d let you know before hand if that was the case) it just means that you’ll have to keep a little more patient until the weekend arrives, and then you can be showered in the posts you’ve dearly missed. At least that’s how I hope you see it…

(sigh) Good. Now that I’ve got that covered, I’ll move on to the main purpose of this post.

It was my website’s (the one that you’re currently reading this post on) first year anniversary last weekend on Sunday September 22nd. Along with ‘Hobbit Day’ which has been celebrated quite some time now without me knowing.

That’s another two events to add-on to that day.

I remember being at home with nothing to do and only a laptop to entertain me, I was bored and asked my sister what I could do. She said why  not start a website? My response was, sure, why not? So, off I went, not having a clue of what I was doing, building a website for the fun of it, (the reason being why I never posted much at the start) and soon I began to really enjoy blogging and that the more I did it, the more I got used to it. It almost became an automatic thing. I gradually taught myself how to get around Word Press without any help and began discovering new things that I’d never come across on the website before. And, ba bam, now I’m here. 🙂 (Which isn’t very far, I mean, in a year I have 5 followers, 5 likes and 11 shares…)

As for Hobbit Day, I had no idea the day even existed until a fellow Hobbit and LOTR fan on Instagram, posted a picture informing me about it…good stuff this social networking stuff, half of my information is from them. Anyways, I don’t really know exactly what happens on that day, but it’s gone now so there’s no point in finding out now although I would read up about it in my own time.

Well, that is pretty much it, not anything quite exciting really but aah well, at least I’m still blogging right? After all, that;s what counts.

P.S. Word Press even sent me a little message saying Happy Anniversary. xoxo Also sorry if this post is a little boring, it’s juts missing the usual pictures that’s all.


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