2 years of ‘JacksGap’

The 10th of July seems like an ordinary day for most of us, but for those few Gappers out there, today’s a day that shouldn’t be forgotten, as it marks 2 full years of JacksGap since Jack’s first video. 🙂

The twins haven’t and won’t be doing a video relating to the occasion, however Finn-not Jack, did tweet about the importance of this day.

“Today is the official 2 year anniversary of Jacksgap. That’s crazy! @JacksGap

They are working on a video, however it is something to do with the VInspiredLive Event which the two attended on Saturday, and possibly, their plans on visiting India for a Rickshaw racing event, where, supposedly-coming from Jack himself, 5 people die each year…

Sounds like fun.

As long as no one get’s hurt, and they don’t come back injured (or don’t come back at all), then it’s fine by us.


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