77 years, but it was worth the wait.

Over 20 million people just witnessed the 26 year old tennis player, Andy Murray, win the Wimbledon’s Mens Finals 2013, against the world’s number one, Novak Djokovic. An event which will go down in history, as it has made Andy the first British male champion, to win the Wimbledon’s Mens Finals in 77 years.


But my, was it worth the wait.

I, being a huge tennis fan, sat in front of the television at 1:45pm, waiting for the match to start at 2:00pm. And when it did, I couldn’t stop myself from being on the edge of my seat throughout the entire three sets played.

Game underway: Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic at the net prior to the men's final for the Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis Club

Murray started off well in the first set, taking it at ease, beating Djokovic 6 games to 4.

However, the heat was getting to him and the second set proved to be much more grueling, and knocked him off his feet quite a few times. Djokovic had already put on his cap, which evidently made him cooler, and a lot better in his performance.

Looking good: Novak Djokovic an early break in the second set

We all though Andy was going to loose this one, but then he also put on his cap. From that point on he seemed a lot more cool, calm and confident, and although it took a while, he finally soared through the second set as well, winning by 7 games to 5.

Now this third set took hardly no time at all, yet the championship point was great torture to watch. The crowd cheered then lapsed into silence again about a dozen times, thinking Andy had won it, but then were disappointed when the game was not yet over.

Go Andy: Spectators on Centre Court hold a banner aloft displaying a message in support of Andy Murray while others cheer him on

Djokovic, gave it his all in the last set, trying his very best to delay Andy in winning the championship, adding on another few minutes to the last point.


It was down to Andy’s last ace to win him the title. And my did that last ace make up for all the other errors.

I don’t even think Andy knew himself what he had just done. His face was a mask of surprise, yet he jumped in joy dropping his racket and flinging off his cap as he did so.

This made Andy in the winning position again, in the third set, beating Djokovic by 6 games to 4. He had won all three sets against the world’s number one. Now that’s something to be proud of.

Wimbledon scoreboard

The crowd broke out in cheers, and friends and family jumped out of their seats. Even many celebrities shared the happy moment: Gerard Butler, a Scotsman himself, gave an almighty roar, alongside fellow actor, Bradley Cooper, who also cheered in delight, David Cameron went red-faced with happiness and so did his Labour Party rival, Ed Millaband, Sir Chris Hoy roared in approval, Wayne Rooney and his wife looked like a jolly couple, Andy’s girlfriend, Kim Sears, was in utter shock and exceptionally pleased all at the same time, even Victoria Beckham managed to give a little smile, if not a huge grin, in favour of Andy’s achievement.

Andy was clearly overwhelmed by the sheer fact that he had won. After walking around the court head in hands, waving at fans, and taking a moment to compose himself, Andy headed to the box to meet his family, greeting fans and a very cheery McEnroe on the way.

Sheer relief: Andy Murray collapses to his knees after beating Novak Djokovic in three straight sets

He hugged all his friends, relatives and his girlfriend, yet he missed out his mum. He was even going to get back on the court until everyone pulled him back and told him to go to his mum. He had genuinely forgotten yet they shared a long hug, before Andy was to get back on the court.

Djokovich was awarded his prize first, and then gave a few words in favour of Murray, and what a great time he’d had.

Well done: Djokovic congratulates Murray

Then it was Andy’s turn to get awarded his trophy, and when he was, you just couldn’t hide the disbelief and happiness on his face. He then also shared a few words with the crowd, adding a little humour to the interview.

Then signing many autographs and taking pictures with his new best friend (the trophy), Andy retired into the fitting rooms, to have a well-deserved shower, and a change of clothes.

The first British male in 77 years to win the Wimbledon Mens Finals. How do you like the sound of that?


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