Facebook HQ London: Finn, Jack and Colton Haynes

Yesterday, Finn and Jack Harries along with other ‘celebrities’, attended an Anti-Bullying event held at London’s Facebook HQ.

And who did they meet there, but none other than the Teen Wolf and Arrow star, Colton Haynes, who flew into London to watch the tennis at Wimbledon.

Colton at Wimbledon yesterday

Both twins were extremely pleased on meeting the young actor, and so was he as he tweeted it and also posted a picture on Instagram of him and the cheeky two.

A picture of Colton and the twins, which he posted on Instagram yesterday

For Jack, however, Colton wasn’t the most amazing thing he’d seen all day. In fact, he found the official Facebook wall much more interesting than the good looking Mr.Haynes.

The wall that fascinated our cheeky twin

And also posted a picture of him and Finn with one of the Anti-Bullying ambassadors.

Finn, Jack and an Anti-Bullying ambassador

Finn, on the other hand, did not post any pictures of the event, but did tweet Colton (as did Jack), of what a pleasure it was to meet him.


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