Congratulations Finn!

Early yesterday, Finn Harries reached the 1 million mark on popular social networking site, Twitter. And boy, was he happy.


His younger brother Jack had already reached his 1 million mark no longer than a month ago, and being the twin who came up with ‘JacksGap’, it only makes sense that he did.

Jack’s twitter once he reached the one million mark. He, however, had gained a verified account long before that.

However, Finn wasn’t so far behind, as we found out yesterday when he tweeted his appreciation to all of his followers (me, being one of them.)

‘Just seen my twitter. Thank you to all the lovely people that follow and support us. You are all amazing. :D’ – Finn’s tweet (9:03am, 20th June 2013)

The sight of Finn’s twitter when he reached one million followers. It’s in the absence of a verified tick however…

Not only was he proud of gaining 1 million followers, but he was also extremely proud that he’d reached such a great number without his account being verified. Although, that is quite strange. something Finn also tweeted roughly around 2 months ago. It went along the lines of this: ‘Apparently you have to be on TV to be verified…? Which I have been…’ Well, it was something like that.

‘On another note I’m rather proud to of reached this milestone and not be verified… They definitely took the Finns Fake video too seriously’ – Finn’s later tweet (9:04am, 20th June 2013)

A cheeky frame from the Finn is fake video. Can you spot Finn? 😉

In my opinion, I reckon Finn will get verified soon enough, after all it isn’t everyday that an unverified twitter account reaches 1 million followers.

What do you think?


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