2 million subscribers and 2 years of JacksGap…a cause for celebration

Today, is an important day for the lovable ‘Harries Twins‘, as the cheeky two celebrate the two year milestone for their widely popular YouTube channel-JacksGap.


And what made this day even more important, was that not just an hour ago, the channel hit two million subscribers, and it’s still increasing as I type.

The twin's YouTube channel after hitting two million
The twin’s YouTube channel after hitting two million

In February this year JacksGap reached one million subscribers, and since then, have now gained one million more.

Bubbles! and one million subscribers…

For half a million, they treated us to a naked bungee jump, for one million, a cheeky prank that Finn was fake (not funny), now I wonder what it’ll be for two million…

Naked bungee jump
Finn…is fake.

Earlier on today, the eldest of the Harries twins, Finn, tweeted that they were working on a video, and yesterday, Jack stated that next week was going to be exciting. Hmm-are the two in anyway connected to recent events? Could they be creating a new cheeky video for us to watch next week? You never know with these two.

Finn's tweets from the past few days
Finn’s tweets from the past day
Jack's tweet that caused a frenzy of curious Gappers
Jack’s tweet that caused a frenzy of curious Gappers

Neither of the two have tweeted on reaching two million subscribers as of yet, but I’m sure they’ll be showering all us Gappers of their love soon enough. However what they have done, is instead of having their latest video automatically playing on the channel’s homepage, they’ve replaced it with Jack’s first YouTube video. Aww ❤


Looking forward to their latest video, as long as Finn doesn’t turn out to be an alien or what not this time. 😉


Until then…


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