Nina’s getting married and it’s NOT to Ian Somerhalder

Dobrevics around the world were shocked to see Nina Dobrev announce on her twitter page that she’s going to get ‘married’. Even her beau Ian Somerhalder didn’t see that coming.

Bulgaria: Nina Dobrev: 'I'm Getting Married!!!!!!!!'
Nina’s very shocking tweet

The star took to twitter on New Year’s Eve and gushed about ‘finding her soul mate’ and that ‘she was in heaven’.

And since Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev had taken a trip to Shanghai together just recently and are enjoying an exotic New Year there, you’d think it was the adorable couple getting married, but this wasn’t the case.

The loved-up couple leaving the airport as they arrived in Shanghai.

She then carried on tweeting about her new-found friend: ‘He’s orange…..And soft….And we’ll be together forever.’ Now this, as you can imagine, came across as a big shock to her fans, as who could be orange and soft? Certainly not Mr.Somerhalder. And then we all clicked on the various links she had shared with these tweets and this is what we saw…..

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Despite his love for animals Ian Somerhalder was quick to respond and also took to twitter: ‘Wait?WTF!’ and then quoted Nina’s tweet, and thereafter told the world to retweet it.

Just a year ago Nina put to rest rumours of the two getting married and claimed ‘she was too young’ to tie the knot and didn’t want to rush into things.


One thought on “Nina’s getting married and it’s NOT to Ian Somerhalder

  1. Nina Dobrev is a Canadian actress and model. She
    was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and moved to Canada at the age of two.
    She speaks fluent French, English, and Bulgarian. You can see her in television teen
    drama The Vampire Diaries.

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