Now, do you feel that you’ve  heard  just about enough of Taylor Swift’s country songs on love and heartbreak? Well, I wouldn’t give up listening to her just yet, as her new single ‘I knew you were trouble‘ has got some potential and you may find this song quiet catchy.

Taylor enjoys spending time with her mystery man
Taylor enjoys spending time with her mystery man

Yes, again this song is about a boy. But it is far from Taylor’s usual cliche videos and with it’s mesh of dubstep, it is sure to liven up the mood yet the lyrics still manage to contain meaning. We see Taylor as a pure bad girl and her country image has well faded in this grunge, rock-tastic video. This not only shows us a different side of Taylor but highlights what a great actress she is and what a diverse artist she is. It may well be the new favourite for Taylor’s fans and people who are strangers to her music.

Reeve Carney who plays Taylor’s bad boy love interest also praises her on her acting skills; “It was a great acting piece for her. I thought she was fantastic. I kept telling her, ‘Man, you’re such a natural. You’ve got to do more of this.’ And I don’t know if she was listening to me or not, but I think she definitely has a natural ability for sure.”

He also states how fun it was filming the video and what an amazing experience it was; “It’s fun for someone like me. I think, in order to pull something off as an actor, you have to have aspects to that character somewhere in your personality.”

Check out the video that’s got people’s hearts racing and tongues wagging below…


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