Thirsty for more…

So, although the first episode of TVD was downright bland and left some viewers a little disappointed, the next did seem to spice things up a little.

With the arrival of sweet, timid April, Elena finding it hard to cope as a vampire and an overly-suspicious Vampire Hunter with ‘cool ink’ that’s meant to be invisible, things aren’t getting any better in Mystic Falls.

But Damon’s heartfelt, drunk conversation (with the occasional humorous joke added here and there) between his recently deceased friend, Alaric, softened the atmosphere up a bit.

And all Delena fans out there are probably thrilled that Elena put her trust in Damon-not Stefan and let him feed her his blood. She even allowed him to help her out when she couldn’t drink blood without vomiting it back up again.

Who is going to teach Elena on how to control her blood lust?

Again it all comes back to one very simple question-Stefan or Damon?

Who will it be?

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