Hey universe!

Nerd Next Door is a site where you’ll find pretty much everything. It isn’t an extremely nerdy website, it is really just a blog, except I don’t write about my life, I write about things I like. Which are sometimes quite nerdy hence the name of my blog.

If you’re into celebs, films, TV, books, music, or any random stuff (like me), then this is the place for you.


Oooh, sorry, forgot an introduction about myself, how rude of me. Well, I’m 16 years old, Muslim and a total fangirl. Live in the land of tea and biscuits (England) and life right now sucks.

You can call me Aria but my name’s Mariam ( take of the two Ms and BAM, it’s Aria.) When I figured that out, I was euphoric, I mean I watch Pretty Little Liars and there’s an Aria in there, she’s kinda my favourite and stuff so…it was cool. Plus, I actually like this nickname, all the others were hideous.

…and you did not need to or in any way want to, know that…

The content of my posts will be in this rambling sort of fashion, used to be more factual, but, hey, I got bored.

I will try my very best to post at least up to 5 posts on my website each week, however, occasionally I may post more or less depending on how busy I am with school and…things. 🙂

I have decided that I’ll change my header image every time I change my obsession.

Tumblr below:




Read my book please 🙂


If you like this blog, you’ll probably like my book. X

Copyright © 2015 aria786

All Rights Reserved.

Sources used are not always mine therefore all credit is given to those people whose work I have used. I do apologise for using your work on my website. If you are not happy with me using your work, please contact me and I will gladly give direct credit or simply remove your work from my site. 🙂

Please refrain from copying the content of my posts for your own personal use.

Thank you X

P.S. I’ve kinda only gotten to grips with this Copyright stuff, I think I’m doing it right. Keep in mind, I was only 13 when I started this blog- for fun may I add, so I am really really sorry for not including credit and all the rest of it. 🙂




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